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2019 Haifan Lin seminar at IMB Sinica

Dear TSSCR member:

It is our great honor to sponsor Prof. Haifan Lin, the Eugene Higgins Chair Professor of Cell Biology from Yale University, to give the IMB/ICOB/TSSCR joint seminar from 2:30 pm onwards on 14th of October, at B1 auditorium, Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica. Prof. Lin is an outstanding germ cell and stem cell biologist, focusing on the self-renewing mechanism of stem cells, discovered and pioneering the field of PIWI-piRNA pathway in Drosophila and mouse germline stem cells, mouse ESCs, Hydra and planarian stem cells, as well as in stem cell-related cancers.

Prof. Lin was elected as a member of US National Academy of Sciences, a member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, received the NIH Merit Award, among many other honors. He has been making great contribution to the stem cell community. A few examples from a long list include being the founding director of Yale stem cell center; served as Treasurer and Member of Executive committee of the International Society for Stem Cell Research; as advisory council of Riken Center for Developmental Biology, Japan; National Key Stem Cell Research Advisory Committee, Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology; the Medical Advisory Board of New York Stem Cell Foundation. Prof. Lin also served on Editorial Boards of Cell Stem Cells, Stem Cell Reports, among others.

For TSSCR members who wish to discuss with Prof. Haifan Lin over dinner on 14th of October, or during the 14th Asia Epigenome Meeting (AEM) / 3rd Taipei Epigenetics and Chromatin Meeting (10-18/Oct) (https://www.abcam.com/events/abcam-joins-academia-sineca-for-the-14th-asia-epigenome-meeting-aem-3rd-taipei-epigenetics-and-chromatin-meeting-1), please contact Prof. Shau-Ping Lin via shaupinglin@ntu.edu.tw; (Office) 02-33666005; (Lab) 02-33666006.

With very best wishes,

Taiwan Society for Stem Cell Research