2020 ISSCR Annual Meeting Travel Award application form

 I. To be eligible for this Travel Award sponsored by TSSCR, you must be:

     (1) Student, Post-doctoral trainee, Research assistant or Resident physician in

Universities or Research Institutes

     (2) Associate member of TSSCR

     (3) First author of the submitted abstract for 2020 ISSCR Annual Meeting


 II. About the Award

 Up to five awardees for 2020 ISSCR Annual Meeting Travel Award, each will

 receive 20,000 NTD and a certificate of merit.


 III. How to apply


  Please provide the following documents:

(1) Completed application form

(2) Curriculum Vitae of applicant

(3) Receipt of submitted abstract

(4) Publications or Manuscript in submission (optional)

(5) Other information/documents in support of your application


            Please send the paper copies to following address:

128 Academia Road, Section 2, Nankang, Taipei, 115, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Genomics Research Center, Chia-Ning Shen’s Lab

(c/o Ms Wan-Yu Mao, 886-2-2789-9580 ext.302)


  Please also send the electronic PDF files of the application documents to



IV. Application deadline

       Before 2020/03/31


V. Other requirements or notifications

  (1) Awardees are recognized at the 2020 TSSCR Annual Meeting, and on the TSSCR Website.

  (2) Each awardee must provide documents (abstract acceptance letter, poster PDF file), and  

       photos or registration information for their attendance at the 2020 ISSCR Annual Meeting, 

       otherwise the award will be cancelled.

             (3) Awardees must indicate the support from TSSCR on their posters or slides.

             (4) Note: For the potential complications for this year’s ISSCR annual meeting due to 

                  COVID-19 outbreak in US, TSSCR travel grant awardees, 1. can keep the award and reimburse 

                  the expenses of attending 2021 ISSCR annual meeting in case the 2020 meeting is canceled; 

                  2. should still attend the ISSCR 2020 meeting, and get corresponding reimbursements according to 

                 TSSCR regulations, in case the ISSCR annual meeting is postponed to later this year.

             (5) Other rules not covered will be negotiated and announced by members of the Academic
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